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Bloodline Academy
Young Adult Academy

Blood might be thicker than water, but my blood only spells trouble.

It’s a new semester at Bloodline Academy but I’m the same old Sophie Mwansa. I’m still the low-magic kitchen witch at the bottom of the totem pole. The rare human in a school full of shifters, Nephilim, Fae and vampires. And they look at me like I’m their worst nightmare.

All except Max Thompson, alpha lion shifter, who looks at me like I’m his next meal.

Supernaturals have a long memory. It’s the immortality thing you see. Nobody is going to forget anytime soon that my great-grandfather harvested supernatural souls to fuel his sorcery.

When a magical ailment befalls the students, guess where they come looking with their pitchforks? I’ll need everything in my magical arsenal to get out of this one alive. But if I reveal the source of my magic, it’ll mean a one way ticket to the supernatural prison.

Talk about being stuck between a rock and a hard place. Who said school was easy? Welcome to Bloodline Academy. If it doesn’t kill you, it’s a great place to study.

Bloodline Sorcery is part of the Bloodline Academy series. It is an Australian Young Adult Urban Fantasy series filled with pulse-pounding action and snarky dialogue. Wanna see how we do Academies down under? Check out Bloodline Sorcery now!

Bloodline Academy V2.jpg

A Nephilim, a demon and a mage walk into a psychiatric hospital. This isn’t a joke. There’s no punch line. My name is Alessia Hastings. Welcome to my personal hell.


My weekly visit to Nanna’s psychiatric hospital ends with me in a celestial jail cell. Now an impossibly gorgeous Nephilim with a face I want to kiss, and an attitude I want to punch, tells me I’m not quite human.


Too bad they can’t tell exactly what I am. Only that my magic is dangerous. Which means I’ve earned a one way invitation to Bloodline Academy: A secret magical school that teaches the next generation of supernatural monsters how to go bump in the night.


You’d think the resident Fae mean girls, the shifters, and bloodthirsty vamps would be my biggest problem at the Academy. But it’s the strange voices in my mind that truly scare me. Because Hastings women have always heard voices, and the ones in my head are telling me there’s something worse out there hunting me.


Finishing this semester alive is going to be treacherous. Not making it through could mean the end of the world. No pressure, right?

Bloodline Secrecy.jpg

A wraith from supernatural legend walks into a shifter banquet and tries to kill the alpha. Of course I'm the idiot who gets in the way and cops the blame. I am still Alessia Hastings. My world is still insane.

It's semester two at Bloodline Academy and these are the things I know:

1. They still can't figure out what's wrong with my magic. At least they've ruled out I'm not a demon.
2. If that Nephilim jackass tries to kiss me, he may very well end up dead.
3. Somebody is trying to kill every member of the Supernatural Council and I may be the only one who can stop them.
4. A demon blade in the hands of a hedge witch with zero fighting skills is a disaster waiting to happen.

Get ready, school is now in session.

Bloodline Diplomacy.jpg

A hedge witch enrolls at another supernatural academy and gets caught between a centuries old war. Don't even get me started on what Lucifer wants from me. It's getting way too complicated being Alessia Hastings.

Bloodline Diplomacy includes:
2 Godlike beings hell bent on destroying the Earth;
2 Supernatural academies vying for control of our heroine;
1 protective hero at the end of his tether;
1 dingo sidekick just because the author loves animals;
...and last but definitely not least, 1 snarky heroine who is this close to tearing her hair out. Instead she'll settle for kicking some serious supernatural butt.

There's only one thing I know for sure: witches be crazy. I just can't decide whether I'm with them or against them. Here I go again.

Bloodline Prophecy.jpg

A hedge witch and her psychotic vampire partner enter the Unity Games. Three supernatural Academies. One Human League. A thousand ways to die. I don't think I want to be Alessia Hastings anymore.

My life plan is pretty simple: Learn to fight. Survive a war with the Hell dimension. Don't die. It does not, I repeat, it does not involve a mating bond with Malachi Pendragon and spitting out Nephilim babies.

The only problem is that there are a million girls waiting to stab me in the back for that privilege. And one of them just became Kai's Unity Games partner.

I don't have time for a love life. I'm too busy trying to stay alive in general. By now all the supernaturals have heard of the prophecy. They're all waiting for me to betray them.

If the Fae, the shifters, the mages and the para-humans don't get off my back, so help me Lucifer, I might just give it to them.

Bloodline Fallacy.jpg

Hedge witch, bone witch, forsaken, and Angelical: Too much for one tiny human. The price of survival in my world is high and the universe is gearing up to make me pay. This time, there is no escape from being Alessia Hastings.

For two years, I’ve been a supernatural pariah. The human with Lucifer’s blood and unpredictable power. After the Unity Games, I became House Pendragon’s bond mate elect. At this point, I’m not sure what’s worse.

What Malachi Pendragon wants, Malachi Pendragon usually gets. But there isn’t enough money, charm or Nephilim healing in the world that will stop the Angelical from killing me.

My life has never been a fairy tale. My prince is an arrogant jackass who won’t stop trying to make me bond with him. Even at the expense of the rest of supernatural society.

My sleeping beauty is a seraph who wants to use me to destroy the dimensions.

And my happily ever after could come with a dose of the apocalypse. The only way to save the people I love is to make the ultimate sacrifice.
Nothing will ever be the same again. It’s a good thing I’m not a lay down and die type of girl.

Bloodline Fallacy is book 5 in the Bloodline Academy series. It is an Australian Young Adult Urban Fantasy series filled with pulse-pounding action, snarky dialogue and slow burn romance. Think Buffy meets Supernatural Academy.

Bloodline Alchemy Book 6.jpg
Bloodline Prophecy Book 7.jpg

Once upon a time, a blood alchemist made a bargain with a fallen angel turned demon. Before this fairy tale is over, I might have to pay the price for his crime. Everything I’ve ever known is broken, but I’m still Sophie Mwansa, a blood witch and a fugitive.

The gift my great-grandfather passed on to me has always been a curse. The supernatural community believes I’ve finally given in to my dark side. For six months I’ve been on the run. Hunted. Feared. Desperate.

My guilt scares me more than their prison cells. It’s my fault Kai is gone. It’s my fault Raphael succumbs to illness. It’s my fault the supernaturals fall prey to an evil intertwined with my ancestry.

Returning to supernatural society means captivity. Nothing I haven’t dealt with before. But it’s another cage that has my blood running cold. Max let me go once. He won’t ever do it again. He wants a forever I can’t accept. Because happily ever after doesn’t count with Lucifer breathing down our necks.

I made a promise to Lex during her final moments. Nothing can be allowed to interfere. Not even a mating link that threatens to destroy my resolve.

Blood is passion. Blood is power. Lex’s blood will destroy the world. My blood might just save it. If only it didn’t come at such a fatal price.

Hell hath no fury like a hedge witch trying to outrun a prophecy. It’s too bad the heavenly realm has decided I’m more trouble than I’m worth. In the end, will being Alessia Hastings be enough?

Twelve months in Hell with Lucifer has given new meaning to the term helicopter parent. But when the heavenly realm decides to squash this dimension like a bug, Lucifer becomes the lesser of two celestial evils.
My search for Lucifer’s blade leads me back to the Academy. Sadly, my homecoming is accompanied by three necromancers hell bent on making the supernaturals their subjects.
I’m no stranger to being ostracised for my blood. The snide remarks and death threats just roll off my back these days. What I can’t ignore is the thrumming of darkness between me and a certain Nephilim who just won’t take no for an answer.
Kai and I have never been a fairy tale couple. Cheating death has left scars on both of us that might never heal. And the path I’m on could break us irrevocably.
The fate of this dimension is a game played by immortal deities. But if I’m going down, then I’m taking everybody with me. And I will win even if it means sacrificing everything.
My life started with a prophecy. With any luck, it will end with death.


Dear Reader: As the characters in Bloodline age, it felt right to increase the maturity level of some of the scenes in the story. Please note that Bloodline Prophecy is recommended for upper YA readers due to their steamy nature.

Bloodline Prophecy is book 7 and the final book in this arc of the Bloodline Academy series.
It is an Australian Young Adult Urban Fantasy series filled with pulse-pounding action, snarky dialogue, and slow burn romance. Think Buffy meets Supernatural Academy.

Bloodline Destiny Book 1.jpg

A hedge witch and a demon face off in the kitchen. No, that hedge witch isn’t me anymore. I’m Alessia Hastings. The powerless human cowering in the corner. Until I’m not.

In my next life, I aspire to reincarnate as a slug. Because in this one, my fate is tied to an egotistical, homicidal, bully of a seraph. Unfortunately, so are my powers.

My sabbatical from supernatural society was meant to be a break. Not the eye of the storm.

My return is heralded by the rise of an ancient threat from the Hell dimension. One that wants Lucifer dead. So do the supernaturals. I don’t blame it in the slightest. It’s just unfortunate that killing me is the only way to kill Lucifer.

To ensure my safety, Kai saddles me up with the elite guard. Their stronghold is otherwise known as Bloodline 2.0. The only problem is, Lucifer and I are now a packaged deal, and Kai has always had an issue with sharing.

As the saying goes: better the devil you know. Because even bullies can have a tragic origin story, and this time, I’m the one who might have to pay the price.

When the Hell dimension comes for me, even an army of Nephilim, vampires, Fae and shifters might not be enough.

Bloodline Destiny is the first book in the Bloodline Destiny series. Bloodline Destiny is the direct spinoff of the Bloodline Academy series with the same characters. You need to have read Bloodline Academy to be able to enjoy Bloodline Destiny.

Bloodline Destiny is an Australian urban fantasy series filled with action, snarky dialogue and slow burn romance. Think Buffy meets Supernatural Academy. Perfect for fans of Chandelle Lavaun, Leia Stone, and Jaymin Eve.

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